Cretan Cuisine


What’s special about Cretan cuisine?

4,000 years of gastronomic history from the Minoan age to the 21st century are reflected in Cretan cuisine and the flavours and styles that have remained unchanged over the centuries, unaffected by the conquerors who, from time to time, have occupied the island (Saracens, Venetians and Turks). One of the features of Cretan cuisine is its seasonality, with separate dishes on offer depending on the season. The local cheeses (graviera, semi-hard kefalotyri, goat’s cheese, dry myzithra or the fresh version known as anthotyro), apaki pork, wild greens pies, snails, game meat, an abundance of vegetables and pulses, Lasithi thyme honey, flowers and pine can be seen in various combinations that are sure to excite your taste buds. Wine, tsikoudia and sour dough bread accompany every meal; recipes are balanced, aromatic, based on traditional cooking methods, using ingredients that vary depending on the season but are used in inventive flavour combinations.

Healthy Cretan cooking lessons

Gastronomic tourism is the latest hot travel trend and Crete is one of the most important destinations for such gastronomic trips. Using only the best fresh ingredients from the local area, under the guidance of Mala Villa’s chef, guests can get to know the secrets of Cretan cuisine, cook popular traditional recipes and learn about healthy eating on a Mediterranean diet.

Quality of Cretan cuisine

Select cuts of meat, exceptional dairy products, pure virgin olive oil, top quality wine from the island’s immense vineyards, and countryside itself which offers up countless herbs and aromatic plants that are native to the island weave together to create a Cretan cuisine that is famous all over the world for its high nutritional value, that contributes to longevity and well-being.

Cretan Cuisine
Breakfast at Mala Villa

Waking up for breakfast is one of the most enjoyable moments of your stay at Mala Villa. From the moment you open your eyes, nature’s scents flood the grounds of the villa, offering you a total sense of rejuvenation. The next pleasure is nothing more than the amazing traditional breakfast buffet and the fine coffee we offer, ensuring you can fuel up on tasty dishes, get off to the right start, and remain full of energy throughout the day. Enjoy breakfast both in your room or the complex’s restaurant.

Breakfast at Mala Villa

Crete has a strong gastronomic tradition, especially so at the Mala Villa restaurant which has been awarded the Cretan Quality Label under the Cretan Quality Agreement. Using local Cretan products, aromatic herbs and fresh ingredients from the area, the chefs at the luxury restaurant will introduce you to the most outstanding Cretan dishes, satisfying the taste palette of even the most demanding guests.

Cretan Cuisine

The restaurant at Mala Villa


One of the essential ingredients of a pleasant stay is top quality food, and the Mala Villa restaurant which has won a Cretan Quality Label, serves a menu dedicated exclusively to Cretan recipes that are bound to excite your taste buds.

Exclusively local, top quality products chosen based on strict selection criteria, and select virgin olive oil, allow the chefs at the restaurant to prepare flavour-packed, high quality Cretan dishes each and every day that are truly representative of traditional gastronomy. Visitors to Mala Villa can enjoy lunch or a candlelight dinner with incredible sea views.

Tasty dishes are also available at the complex’s café bar which operates from early morning to late evening. With its carefully crafted traditional feel, the café serves light snacks, select coffees, local sweets and mezes, amazing cocktails as well as refreshing ice creams.